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Our Mission

At Fresh Catholic, our unwavering mission is to draw others closer to the heart of Christ. My conversion to Catholicism at the age of 49 ignited a fervent desire to share Christ's love, leading to the flourishing success of The Fresh Catholic Podcast as one of the top Catholic podcasts. In response to the growing demand for more content, we find ourselves in the exhilarating position to transition 100% of our time to this divine calling. Both my husband Simon and I have been juggling full-time jobs while managing this ministry. Recognizing the need to devote all our attention to this impactful mission, we explored avenues that wouldn't burden our supporters, culminating in the creation of Fresh Catholic Coffee. Understanding the universal love for coffee, a staple in most households, we've meticulously sourced premium blends globally. Now, you can savor exceptional coffee while actively contributing to the richness of the Catholic faith with every delightful sip! Thank you for your support on this profound journey!